About us


Known as copper wire Cam Tu brand since 1986, Nui Song Limited liability company officially launched in 2003 after running for 15 years under the lead by Mrs. Tran Trang Cam Tu, the founder and CEO of the company.

Nui Song Company has been having 30-year experience of maintaining and developing in the trade and import of electronic copper wire, from glaze to insulating materials. With the nationwide net of wholesale and retail customers, our company is proud to be the first choice in the glaze cooper wire market. Specially, we are:

- Exclusive Distribution agent for Pacific Thai Electric Enameled Wire.

- Exclusive Distribution agent for Hitachi Electric Enameled Wire.

Also, our company is specialized in providing wholesale and retail:

- Overseas copper wire: Pacific Thai, Hitachi, and domestic copper wire: Nhan Hoa.

- Paper Insulation, Film Insulation, Woven Fibreglass Tape, Varnishes Insulation.

- Solder Core Wire, Start Capacitor and other electronic materials.

Mission and Values

With over 30-year experience in the glaze cooper wire and insulating materials market, Nui Song Company is a friendly partner with the customers and manufacturers in the early stage of the economic innovation in the electronic field. Our mission is to become the bridge delivering the high-quality products to the consumers. Therefore, our company is always in strict compliance with selecting the counterparts and inspecting the product quality, which is fit to the purpose of providing the finest quality to meet up to the customers’ expectation.

With all the experiences, stories about “Trust”, “Integrity” along with the collaboration motto based on a win-win spirit, Nui Song Company is a prestigious partner for many factories, enterprises and manufacturers, and a distribution agent for copper magnet wires to many stores nationwide.
Nui Song Company Limited is proud to be a trustworthy place for the highest quality and the most competitive prices in the field

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